Street Fashion

Street fashion is generally associated with youth culture and is most often seen in major urban centers.Magazines and Newspapers like the city, vogue, Femina and Delhi times commonly feature candid photographs of individuals wearing urban, stylish clothing. Most of the youth should follow this culture. It is associated with the 1950s,1970s..and so on.

Street Fashion Style is like hippies(denims,flared trousers etc.),teddy boy(drape jackets,crepe shoes,skinny pants),hip-hop fashion(baggy pants) ,hipsters,gothicfashion and so on..

Street style basically comes from British culture.Street style incredibly viral all over the world,it also challenges “FAST FASHION WORLD”. There are five fashion cities which describe major street style fashion in all over the world.


It is one of the most popular and more respectfully in the Street fashion world. There is a reason behind in why they had a huge success in all over the world that is a huge number of important fashion institution, events fashion shows are located in Milan.The expression ‘capitale Della Moda’ (the capital of fashion) refers to Milan when describing styles, urban life, fashion collections, designers and so on;



Paris is the city of love and fashion, a romantic city full of chic and luxury. The fashion phenomenon can provide strong associations and a clear understanding of Paris as a center of fashion, love, and dreams, It is the perfect example of street style look.


The Japanese street style looks it not very popular and does not come from popular Japanese fashion designers.vThese fashion conscious, or fashion-obsessed, youngsters indirectly and directly dictate the street style of Japanese fashion.


London is identified as space where street style represented not only the general popular fashion concepts but also works as a tool to express social and cultural identity.


It is beyond question that this city plays the role of one of the most important fashion setters as regards street style. it is the significant semi-annual series of events, determine the season trends not only in the USA but also have a strong influence on fashion industry of the rest of the world. In this context, street style seems to be represented outside the venues.



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